Thursday, December 15, 2005


Teachers' Union Advocates Fraud

I love you Jo Davis. It's obvious that your comrades would like you to keep your mouth shut but you are giving me some great material. Keep up the good work, Ace.

Jo Davis: "I've decided the next time I am asked to sign the petition instead of refusing, I am going to sign using a fictitous nam and address so that signature will be thrown out. If several of us did that on this and other bad ideas, might they think they had enough signatures and quit then discover after the last filing date they had failed?"

Comrade Truth: "Jo, That IS illegal(a felony), not to mention, when they first begin the counting the number of signatures with the Secretary of State's office, they do not actually search the address or name, they just make sure that it looks like a real name, and has an actual address with an actual oklahoma town to determine if there are enough signatures to send on to the Supreme Court for review.Only when a legal challenge to the petition occurs, will they delve into the signatures to check them against the voter registration. A legal challenge is a very timely and expensive prospect and the more names that you add on that aren't real, the more it costs to challenge the petition as a challenge is normally based on the signature count."

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