Thursday, December 15, 2005


Mores Quality Quotes From Nikki Kirkpatrick

From the Democrats of Oklahoma forum:

Nikki Kirkpatrick:

"Everyone I feel has made a conscientiuos effort to report TABOR petitioners or hassle them until they just give up."

Can't argue a principle? Hassle the opposition until they give up. Yep, that's what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

"If they are at a store (like Walgreen's or something) you can talk to the manager, tell them that they are harrassing you and usually I think they are forcing the petitioners to leave."

Lying to a store manager? Nope, I don't think Benjamin Franklin would have gone for that either.

"Nowhere does it say in the constitution, "if you are from out of state, you can come into oklahoma to help change their laws by standing out on the street with your ratty ass, holding up a pen..."

Now she's against ratty asses. On behalf of all rats, I'm deeply offended.

I hope the readers are begininng to understand the level of dishonesty the petition opposition is willing to sink to. I was going to list all of them here but I keeping finding new ones as I am about to publish. Read the thread I link to at the top of this post. There's more talk about lying to store managers about the behavior of petitioners and one guy even threatens to wrestle Oklahoman signatures away from a petitioner. Disgusting.

Oh yeah I called them ratty asses but it's okay for them to get in my face and call me a bitch. That behavior is condoned by yourselves. And at least I have the nerve to post with my own name but you do it anonymously. So it just shows you how much integrity that you have.

You don't scare me and you can't scare me. What are you going to do? Come after me? That would look really good for your petition.

I'm not scared of you. And never will be. And you know say we're wrong but yet your petitioners harass people. They've harrassed friends of mine that don't want to sign TABOR but just because they don't want to.

Don't think you can scare me off. And you can't even use your real name? Get real. Go back to your own state.
I'm not trying to scare anybody. I'm shedding a little light on your efforts. If you are acting within the bounds of the law you should have no fear in being exposed. It's nothing against you personally, you just happen to be the one writing the most incriminating stuff.
If you are acting within the bounds of the law you should have no fear in being exposed

I have been acting within the bounds of the law when encountering TABOR petitioners.

And if you are acting within the law, you should have no fear as well. But threatening JoDavis and threatening to contact her employer...that doesn't look good on you either.

If you have no fear and aren't scared, you'd reveal your identity. But you're trying to bully everyone. Go bully someone else in another state.
Jo accused the police of being corrupt and as an employee of the teachers' union she is taking her fate in her own hands. I didn't force her to make that comment. What they do to her is her problem, she is causing her own problems.
no you purposely threatened her and the safety of her job just because want to make trouble and intimidate people.

Like I've said, she has the nerve and she's not scared to let people know who she is. But you hide behind a fake name.

And, furthermore, your people harass regular shoppers to sign their petition, what is your defense there?
I can't fire anyone, therefore I can't threaten anyone's job. You can't get upset when people broadcast what you say. If you're embarrassed by what you way, don't say it.

There not my people.
There not my people.

It should be "they're" not there. Just thought I'd let you know.

And you haven't answered my inquiries as to why you hide behind a fake name and identity. You cannot say that you aren't scared to come out because otherwise you wouldn't hide. You might think that hiding behind a fake name gives you power but it really doesn't. And you say "you can't be embarrassed by what you say." but obviously you're either embarrassed or scared because you are hiding behind a false identity.

Anyway I'm done with this little back and forth conversation.

I'm sure after Oklahoma, you'll find another state to spread your poison to.
Grammatical point taken.

My identity doesn't matter. YOUR identity doesn't matter. It's your principles and tactics in question here. You are advocating theft, destruction of property and fraud to get the ends to seek. How you fail to see how wrong that is is beyond me.
The TABOR proponents are out-of-state funded, managed, and manned. They don't have Oklahoma's best interest in mind at all.
The petitioners are making $2.00 per signature if what I heard is correct so I don't believe they are doing it because it is a worthy cause they believe in, okay.
It stinks and everyone knows it, whether you admit it or not, whether you bad mouth us at DemoOkie or not - TABOR STINKS!
I didn't badmouth you at DemOkie. Surprisingly I wasn't allow to register . . .

I'm not badmouthing you. I'm criticizing your tactics as undemocratic. You may be perfectly fine people. I regret not making it to the happy hour tonight, I was too busy getting signatures.

I'm open to a debate on TABOR on principle. Fire it up!
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