Thursday, December 15, 2005


More Fraud Proposed by the Other Side

Keep it Coming!

From the Oklahoma Democrats forum:

Posted - December 14 2005 : 11:10:39
I am wondering if there is any legal prohibition aganst signing these things with obviously spurrious names like:

Jimminy Cricket
100 Pinocchio Ln
Zeppettosville OK 66666

Gary D. Klein

Why is it that the opposition's first thought is to lie and commit fraud? What is wrong with letting the petition gatherers continue to legally collect the signatures and then have an ideological battle over the issue during campaign season?

It is blatantly undemocratic to stifle the debate. I get it, those that benefit from ever increasing government spending don't want TABOR to pass. Fine. Have the debate about why TABOR is bad for Oklahoma and convince the voters that your point of view is the right one. Instead you are seeking to deny the voters the option. If you believe yourself to be right you should have to confidence and the knowledge to convince a majority of people that you are.

"Eeeeeeek! The voters might do something I disagree with. Quickly we must silence them By Any Means Necessary!"

I guess you could say the intellectual honesty of the opposition is in D. Klein. . .

Get it? You see what I did there? I used Gary's middle initial and his last name to make a clever pun.

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