Thursday, December 15, 2005


Liberals Support Petition Thievery

I never thought I would see a day when the Liberals would publicly promote breaking the law to get their way. In the Democrats of Oklahoma forum there is a discussion on how best to steal or destroy the legally obtained TABOR signatures. This is just like reaching into the ballot box to stop the will of the people.

Nicole Kirkpatrick: "I could go up there, have my toddler run off with it and just as I'm about to get it back for the "nice" petitioner person...oops the grape juice sippy just opened and totally ruined it...and then my son tore it in two...oops...I really could do that..........."

Way to teach you child respect for the system!

Kathy: "And guess what! While it is illegal for out-of-state minors to CIRCULATE petitions, it is not illegal for in-state minors go around grabbing them! Bmonkey, you're sooo delightful!"

Hey Kathy, stealing IS illegal! Imagine that!

Nicole Kirkpatrick: "Exactly...I will have my son fight for children like himself everywhere. I might even get him a happy meal for "accidentally" destroying a TABOR petition."

Nicole! I hope your son doesn't end up in jail. Not sure if a sippy cup run along the cell bars will have the same effect as a tin cup.

I'll be mining this forum for days. I'm not sure thet are aware that the internet is public and its popularity is catching on. It's not just for Democrats anymore! Idiots.

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