Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Liberal Bloggers Have No Faith in Oklahomans

The nice folks over at Okie Funk have revealed their true colors in spewing their contempt for democracy and Oklahoma voters. Check out the comments under this post.

Troy Steele: "$2 per signature? holy smokes, I'm quitting my job and collecting signatures from clueless Oklahomans who are more than glad to be asked to sign anything. "

Darin: "There are several initiatives floating around right now that many people seem to be completely clueless about."

Jordan Folks: "The man had the demeanor of a homeless person."

Bravo Liberals! Your disregard for normal citizens is appalling.

it used to be fun to be a liberal. You know, the drinking, the whoring, and such. now these people expect us to break the law to be liberals in okalahoma.
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