Saturday, December 17, 2005


It Smells Like Victory

At first I thought the TABOR hating members from the Democrats of Oklahoma forum were to busy stealing petitions to enter into a discussion on the merits of TABOR and it made me sad. Nobody took up my challenge to prove the petition circulators were illegal! They didn't even chat about TABOR in the usual place. I just assumed that they were out in the world causing problems for the good guys.

I was wrong. After a little closer look there are plenty of posts regarding UMass, Democrats moving toward a pro 2nd Amendment stance and other topics posted throughout the day. The opposition spent today at their computers busily agreeing with each other that Republicans are evil but not one of them decided to put a little brain work into proving me wrong. Sigh. I expected more out of them.

I like winning but I feel a little empty. It's like the Colts beating the 49ers this year. Yeah, a win is a win but come on, at least put up a fight.

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