Friday, December 16, 2005


Hoping Doesn't Make it So

Again from the Democrats of Oklahoma forum:

Melody: Bona fide? Permanent? I would have chosen "established" resident... Established residency with an obligation to the utility companies and on the tax rolls for the year. I sure hope those folks remember to file their tax returns. Again, you don't get to pick the words you would like to add to the statute.

Chance: And besides, don't you HAVE to be a registered voter before they will certify your name on a petition? NO! Eligible to vote and registered to vote are entirely different.

Gary D. Klein: On the more important question of residency, I think the legal requirements for residency include establisment of a permanent legal residence. There you go thinking again. Try reading the statute.

vhutchinson: A valid elector means not only an Oklahoma resident, but also one who is a registered voter in the State, doesn't it? NO! The statute doesn't say that.

Funny how the question of residency - or even citizenship - isn't so important to democrats when they're bussing illegals to the polls to vote.
Tim, you are right on the money. Email me and let's talk.

Yours in rightness,

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