Saturday, December 17, 2005


Compassion is a Two Way Street

Nikki Kirkpatrick has asked that I remove her name from my blog. This is my response.

You gave up your anonymity when you entered a public forum and posted comments. Were I to take your name off it would still be visible on the comments that I hotlink to. Comments that you made and signed your name to. I did not fabricate comments and falsely attribute them to you. These are your words.

You are demanding that the TABOR petitioners be ARRESTED and you expect me to show you some kindness and understanding? It may interest you to know that your group's efforts have led to black TABOR petitioners being arrested and white petitioners to only be ticketed. You should be ashamed of yourself. You helped do this.

You have promoted lying to store managers about harrassment to get the petitioners kicked out:

"If they are at a store (like Walgreen's or something) you can talk to the manager, tell them that they are harrassing you and usually I think they are forcing the petitioners to leave."

You have attacked the character of the TABOR petitioners by claiming they were getting signatures by lying:

"It's so sad that they are taking advantage of the public. They could probably lie and tell these people that these signatures were going to support crippled kids or injured dogs and people would sign without reading the fine print. So technically they aren't valid signatures if the people signing them aren't informed."

You have advocated theft and damage of your fellow Oklahoman signatures:

"I am going to the mall this week and have informed my cousin that I am taking (insert child's name here) with his especially leaky sippy cup full of grape juice for this very purpose. I figure they'll hit Quail Springs mall this weekend or around there because of Christmas (oops HOLIDAY) shopping. I live right across from the mall so this should be interesting....and knowing my son he would take off with the paper. And if it ripped...."oh mister, I'm so sorry!!'"

She has entered this discussion on her own and gave the world her thoughts without prodding. I am not responsible if she is embarrassed that her thoughts are now posted on a blog that is way smaller than the Democrats of Oklahoma forum they originated from. I think it's sad that she sees no problem with slandering others but cannot take her own words being criticized. The people she wrote about harrassing are real flesh and blood people too. I'm sure they would be really pleased to read what is written about them on your forum, "homeless, dirty, ratty ass ..."

You can't willingly jump into the boat and then complain when the seas get too rough.

When I was at the OU game, a petitioner approached me asking me to sign the 'Taxpayer Bill of Goods' petition. I asked him where he was from. He replied, "Illinois." I told him that according to the Oklahoma constitution, he was gathering signature illegally. He said, "Well, I'm in Oklahoma this week and I'll be in Missouri next week. You going to do something about it?" Clearly, by his own admission, he was gathering signatures illegally.
These are the tactics that the corruption right-wing are using to sell Oklahomans a bill of goods.
Oh yeah, sure. I believe you lynn, just like I believe the teachers' unions have childrens' best interests at heart.
Tim knows what's goin' on!
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